Make No Mistake:  Become A Better Man And You Succeed With Better Women.  Virtuosity Takes You Way Beyond Attraction And Seduction.

"If You Refuse To Settle For Anyone Less Than The High Quality Woman You've Always Dreamed About, You're About To Discover The Most Important Message You've Ever Heard.

No More Abstract Theories And No More Complicated Guesswork. Hear The Life Changing Truth From
All The Experts In One Place..."



From The Desk Of:   Scot McKay

Subject:  Explosive success with the women you really want the most...


You can picture her. She is exactly the woman you dream of...if you dare allow your imagination that kind of freedom.


When you see her you recognize effortless, graceful femininity in her every move. As she passes, you notice her light, clean, unmistakable scent that you wish could last forever.

When she happens to catch your eye, you realize that her beautiful face is beaming with the glow of a woman who is captivated by your presence as a man. And when you hold her, she settles into your grasp as if she hopes you will never let go.

Is she yours? If she isn't yet, what is your plan for finding her? And when you do find her, how will you ATTRACT her and KEEP HER ATTRACTED?

Even if you get her number, will she call you back? And do you get inside her head so that SHE THINKS ABOUT YOU ALL THE TIME? Will she continue to feel that passionately towards you FOREVER?


"He has some very interesting things to say about how to become more successful with women and dating. Not just how to meet a lot of women, but how to go from being GOOD with women to being AMAZING with women. If you're already good with women, listening to what my friend has to say JUST ONCE will improve your game significantly."
--David DeAngelo (DoubleYourDating)


Techniques and routines can help you get more "digits" than your buddies. But whose hero do you really want to be? THEIRS...or HERS?

Is being a pickup artist what you really want? Or are you ready to experience what it's like to gain FULL CONTROL over every stage of your relationships with women?


"Scot, I've only been signed up for 3 days now, and I just cannot tell you how impressed I am with the quality content you are putting out. I've been downloading episodes like mad, and I'm burning up my iPod trying to take it all in. So far I feel like I've walked away from every episode having thought about something in a new way. I've especially enjoyed the Online Dating material.
The 'Mastering The System' program blew my mind."

--Blake (Eagan, MN)

"WOW, I'm a like a big kid in a huge candy store... Your VIRTUOSITY program is out of this world. No doubt about that. What I heard so far is so advanced that it's mind boggling."
--Patrick (Windsor, ON)

"I just wanted to email you today to say I really look up to you. You are a great mentor to me and I wanted to say thank you for your programs and all the help you have given me. I used to date fives and sixes and women had all the control. And now after a few months of listening to your programs and reading your books, I am now at a level that I approach eights, nines and tens and the whole time I am there I feel I have status over them. And they are lucky to be in my presence. It's been a strange shift in thinking but results are showing."
--Andrew (Portland, OR)


Realistically speaking, you already know all too well that it takes a LASER FOCUS to get to where you know you want to be in life. And that involves making smart, calibrated decisions in making sure you are headed in the right direction. But life is short... how can you make sure you are on the fast track to massive success with women?

Like all men, you want to deserve the ABSOLUTE BEST woman you possibly can. But...each of us as guys are coming from completely different perspectives based on life experiences that are as individual as we are. The path you take to getting there is up to you alone, and your own definition of a wildly successful dating life can be defined by nobody else.


"Hands down, the best collection of dating gurus and coaches
giving advice that is tailored to match any skill level or background. I am proud to be a part of this groundbreaking product!"

--AJ (Pickup Podcast)

"It's great to see a collection of some of the greatest around dishing out solid advice all in one place. It's even better that Scot thought to include us in the mix! Definitely worthwhile for everyone."
--Jordan (Pickup Podcast)


It's time for a world-class plan of action designed to REWARD YOU who are unwilling to wait a single minute longer to get a grasp of the big picture regarding what "deserving what you want" and "never settling" means.

Make no mistake. It is imperative that such a strategy be bold enough and effective enough to triumphantly defeat destructive cycles and flat-out GET RESULTS as soon as possible.


Simply put, as a man you must distance yourself from lesser men in order to deserve great women...that's the law of the jungle whether we like it or not.


As such, VIRTUOSITY is aptly named.

After the amount of research and development we've continuously immersed ourselves in around here, it's obvious that a "cookie cutter" approach to all of this won't cut it. You've heard me say before that "painting by numbers" is not art. Only a personalized, customized plan of action will get the job done in your life. And VIRTUOSITY delivers.


TARGETED AUDIO AND VIDEO PROGRAMS -- All of the core secrets of being a great man who deserves great women...hours of rapid-fire practical information taught by me personally with no fluff whatsoever.

CO-HOSTED ADVANCED SESSIONS -- Exclusive high-value instruction from over four dozen of the world's greatest minds on improving success with women

-- The action-packed direct sequel to Deserve What You Want is exclusive to VIRTUOSITY

PERSONALIZED SERVICES -- An actual personal 30-minute 1-on-1 consultation and e-mail coaching for a full 90 days are included (Yes, this is for real)

SPECIAL SURPRISE BONUSES -- Hand-picked extras uniquely available to YOU as a VIRTUOSITY member


Face it gentlemen, guys who HAVE GAME can GAME YOU. Some are in it to make a buck selling empty promises. After all, in the real world you represent competition to an "alpha male" for the hottest women. Using slick tactics, the "cult of personality" leads you to believe that if you would be "just like him"--idiosyncrasies and all--you'll "win".

The reality is that you are an individual. Mastery of the BIG FOUR (i.e. masculinity, confidence, inspiring confidence, and character) matters immensely. But your road map to success is not necessarily the same as that of another man...another man with different needs, concerns and history.


"I think the words I used to myself after listening were: Fantastic, absolutely fantastic, he is right on the money! I proceeded to listen again and again. I even let it play over and over one night as I slept, as silly as that sounds, but wanted to absorb every nuance."
--Joe (Omaha, NE)


You're likely in a different zip code and maybe even carry a different passport than he does. If you rely on "outer game" to carry you, will the same routines and tricks that work in Los Angeles work in mid-town America? In Mexico? In Bahrain, Buenos Aires or Beijing? You be the judge.

What we need is TRUTH. Truth and a WHOLE LOT MORE FLEXIBILITY. The "cookie cutters" are getting rusty, gentlemen, and the "paint by numbers" plan is fading into oblivion. The emperor has no clothes. So does it sound like I am on a "mission from God" here? Why not? If it's good for the Blues Brothers, that's good enough for me.


"Scot McKay represents and trains today's men on getting more out of life and becoming the men they can be with women despite the challenges out there. There is a lot to learn and apply, so get in relation to the types of resources (like Scot's) that will help you
get to where you want to be. I think you'll find his mindset quite refreshing compared to mainstream advice out there. He can help you get what you deserve."

--Rion Williams (


After all, there are great women out there who are ready to welcome great men into their lives. The problem is that there are not enough of us who even believe that is true, let alone who can step up and BE THAT MAN WOMEN CRAVE. It's time to stop settling for mediocrity when VIRTUOSITY is within your grasp.



For starters, ask yourself why are you wanting to meet so many women? Is it really just for sex? Does sex alone cut it? If that's your #1 ambition as a man, it needs a diaper slapped on it. Once a man realizes the ability to attract great women, he soon realizes that a life spent merely "chasing tail" culminates in ultimately chasing one's own tail.


"I wanted to let you know that by using your help I have a date with a woman I would have always believed was far out of my league. You see, she is an actress, an honest to goodness, seen
her on the TV actress. I met her online, props to you. She and I have been emailing, talking on the phone, and we hit it off from the beginning, she is as excited to call me as I am her and I have a date with her this weekend."

--Evan (Reno, NV)


So let's be honest, then. Do you not require any depth from your relationships with women, or do you just tell yourself that to ease the pain?

What if you could reach beyond a mere ego boost and take control of your dating as many women as you want for as long as you want? From there, you could gain an accurate perspective on what a great woman is like and build your own unique understanding of what you want in a woman into a firmly-held one.



If you are honest with yourself, are you actually afraid to deserve "one great woman" because you can't stand the thought of making the wrong choice? Do you fear becoming trapped in a relationship with a contentious virago whom you envision ruining any chance you have for finding happiness?

Or do you feel the risks of "getting beat by a girl" are way too high and that the potential "rejection" just isn't worth you don't bother to meet women at all? If so, the day has come for you to stop rejecting yourself on behalf of great women everywhere. Aren't you ready to find the dignity you should be deserving as a man?


"I wanted to say briefly that I think your programs really set a standard with regard to dating advice. There seems to be a lot of junk out there and you seem be one of the few offering rational, realistic and responsible information."
--David (Chandler, AZ)


Perhaps you simply believe that being effective with women just flat-out takes too long to learn. Yet you go to the driving range and hit golf balls by the bucket full. How many buckets and long walks in the park does it take to lower your handicap?

Fortunately for us, dating and women are unlike golf. If you are playing with a handicap, you have the capacity to actually LOSE THAT HANDICAP altogether...forever. Yet we as men still devote virtually no time, energy and/or imagination at all to doing so. How can that be?



What if you were the kind of man who could effortlessly attract a woman who genuinely cares and approves of you? You know the one I'm talking about--that exceptional woman who responds to you in a magical way she does for no one else when she's around you. That's what most of us as men want...but few ever live in that reality. Why not? Because most men never get off the couch, that's why. We never get around to deserving her, and we therefore fail to learn how to understand what a woman wants.


"Let me say this: great work. I like the range of guests that you have and really like the way the information is presented. You present everything straight forward and down and dirty. There's
no Venn diagrams or mental visualizations. It’s just good info. It's great! I download the audio and listen to it while I'm driving back and forth to work. Your program helps make my commute a valuable experience. Next, I gotta make an appointment with you for some phone coaching. Thanks and keep up the good work."

--Curtis (Schaumburg, IL)


Here's a challenge for you. Can you hold a woman close and tell her everything is going to be okay...and have her react in a way that shows she BELIEVES YOU?

You want only the highest-quality women in your life. Eventually, if not sooner than later, it's foolish to think you would choose anyone less than the greatest from among all women you have ever known to share life with exclusively.



Growing old by ourselves is one of our darkest fears as men, and it must be conquered forever. Being alone is a bummer...and "a different hottie every night" doesn't spell out real companionship, no matter how good they all looked.

Gentlemen, these are the kind of REAL WORLD issues keeping men like you and I up at night, aren't they? Yet, they are the also exactly the ones you aren't going to hear about in the world of "quick fixes" and "one-night stand" training.

Therefore, I'm proud to declare that it's no coincidence that these deepest and most meaningful of all issues related to success with women are also precisely the ones that were TOP PRIORITY as I designed VIRTUOSITY.


ALL NEW MATERIAL -- Two-way interaction consistently results in groundbreaking information heard nowhere ever before...every single time

ALL KILLER, NO FILLER -- Only straight-up, non-stop premium content from the very second you push "play"

REAL DISCUSSION FORMAT -- No tired "interview questions", "back-end marketing" or empty conversation. If it isn't all about empowering your success with women, it isn't a part of VIRTUOSITY.

SUBJECT MATTER EXPERTISE -- Each co-instructor is a globally recognized expert and is focused on precisely the topic that we all want to hear him or her uniquely address

FULL COVERAGE -- Nothing is held back...ever. No carrots and sticks. Everyone who appears in VIRTUOSITY brings their "big guns" and throws them on the table. No "teasers". No exceptions.

ALL TOPICS -- If it affects you as a man and your effectiveness with great women, you'll find it covered in VIRTUOSITY


By now you must be wondering exactly what is involved. What makes VIRTUOSITY so radically different? How does that kind of "heavy lifting" get done in the context of a single program?

I'm glad you asked.

For starters, the very structure of VIRTUOSITY is unlike any other program you've ever seen. Having been specifically designed to finally live up to the promise of truly advanced level information, the absolute highest-end secrets are revealed within featuring guest appearances from an unprecedented all-star cast of HAND PICKED EXPERTS.

I've invited virtually every one of the most respected "white hat" instructors of dating and seduction on this planet to be a part of VIRTUOSITY, each of whom enthusiastically accepted the challenge.


COMPETENCE -- Clear subject matter expertise, global notoriety and demonstrable track record of personal success

QUALITY -- High level of commitment to producing the very best material, and therefore the greatest possible amount of value

CONSISTENCY -- A sustained ability to deliver a congruent message without self-contradiction

FOCUS -- Clearly devoted to making a real, lasting difference in the lives of men rather than capitalizing upon desperation

RESPECT -- A genuine appreciation for the high value of the individual, whether that person is a man or a woman

CHARACTER -- A man or woman who walks what he or she talks and approaches personal and business dealings in a forthright manner

DIVERSITY -- A welcome variety of opinions and world views in the context of all factors listed above


You see, I realize that the fastest way to entirely new and groundbreaking information is to engage those who have WORLD-CLASS TALENT with exactly the topics YOU would like to see them uniquely address.

That makes sense, doesn't it? But until now your choices have been either to hear from each such expert individually or perhaps to catch a conventional interview with them somewhere, likely reprising their standard material by way of typical Q & A.



In stark contrast, the hard-hitting open discussion format I use for the audio programs in VIRTUOSITY is a powerful catalyst that cuts through all of that--consistently ensuring a rapid-fire stream of completely original thought.

And it's YOU who benefits.

Also, VIRTUOSITY is the world's first program that affords YOU the opportunity to pick and choose which components among many meet YOUR exact needs, rather than assuming you are exactly like every other guy out there.


SCALABLE -- Listen, read and learn on your timeline at your pace

CONFIGURABLE -- Pick and choose the targeted information you find uniquely valuable

EXPANDABLE -- Late-breaking upgrades and additions to the content are yours immediately

HIGH BANDWIDTH -- Always enough of a "pipeline" to keep information flowing to your desktop


And, of course, it's the sheer abundance of challenging, groundbreaking information featured across all of the many distinct facets of VIRTUOSITY that makes this possible...the volume of which will continue to expand dynamically.

Scalable. Configurable. Expandable. Always enough "bandwidth" so you're never at a loss for disarmingly practical, real-world information. What else would you expect from a guy who spent over a decade in the IT world?


FULL ACCESS -- Enjoy full, unrestricted access to every single component of VIRTUOSITY

LIFETIME SUBSCRIPTION -- Membership affords you unlimited rights to ALL FUTURE ADDITIONS to the Member's Area

NO MONTHLY COSTS -- Upon gaining access to the Member's Area there are no hidden costs...ever. You will never be charged another penny for membership privileges.

NO DISAPPOINTMENTS -- Along with the overwhelming amount of value currently offered as part of VIRTUOSITY, you can expect the bar to be raised often as new material is regularly added...exclusively for members


And yes...all of this is available to you despite only punching ONE TICKET for admission. Despite being a true MEMBERSHIP, your one time purchase guarantees you full, unrestricted access to all current content and all additional content released in the future. There's never an expiration date and the Member's Area is open 24/7, 365 days per year. Get the information YOU need, precisely when YOU need it.

VIRTUOSITY consists of SIX MAJOR SECTIONS, each of which in turn encapsulates numerous specific components. The end result? More content than you've ever imagined possible within a single program...all of which is available to you as you choose. Customize your content as YOU wish. It's all about your timeline, your challenges, your desires...and getting YOUR goals met as an individual.


"I feel that you understand more about this stuff than most people I talk to, which is much respect. I look forward to doing more with you in the future."
--Cory Skyy (


Here's what you can expect to find inside the VIRTUOSITY Member's Area (by section)...


Separate, full-length audio programs (and two BONUS programs) comprehensively covering my core strategies on each of the following REAL WORLD topics:


  Differentiating Novice Skills From Advance Skills

We as men who seek to improve our skills with women are inundated with options when it comes to "dating advice" and "seduction tricks". Find out the difference between "painting by numbers" and real art in this opening discussion on the difference between beginner basics and the deeply ingrained expertise of true masters. Never again mistake "quick fixes" for genuine wisdom.

  On Finding Great Women

You've always suspected they are are out there, and you are exactly right. The problem is that most men are flat-out unable to recognize truly great women. Stop being "clouded by beauty-vision" and learn to spot a woman with the "whole package".

  On Attracting Great Women (Igniting Femininity)

Once you can identify great women, then what? The real truth is that you must be a great man who deserves a great woman. In this program the mystery of what it takes to be that guy (which has confounded men for centuries) is solved. If you have allowed yourself to believe that you are forever doomed to an "average" life with "average" success with women, here's your wake-up call...complete with objective action items that allow you to see real results much faster than you've ever dreamed.

  On Objectively Qualifying Women (Choosing vs. Chasing)

In today's culture, it is generally assumed that men do all of the "chasing" while women are afforded the luxury of choice. Learn why this frame of mind actually puts men in a passive role rather that a leadership role. A pox on anyone who thinks today's social structure in the dating world is the pawn of biology--in this program you'll gain a whole new perspective on human nature. You'll learn about a completely objective system for evaluating the women in your life. More importantly, you'll learn how to take back your true power as a man and get back total control of your dating life. No "tips", no "tricks" and no lofty "pie-in-the-sky" promises here. As you'd expect from anything tagged X & Y Communications you'll hear only the hard-hitting truth about portraying yourself as a sought-after man of great worth to women...and therefore becoming a man with real options.

  On Defining Great Men

There's a lot of hero worship going on in today's society. Most of it is grossly misplaced. Learn what defines true greatness among men in this audio program and why women simply cannot resist it when they recognize it.

  On Becoming A Great Man

Logically following the above segment comes a complete expose on how you can overcome mediocrity and become a man of greatness. Long a favorite subject among business authors, the time has come to give proper attention to how this elusive x-factor can dramatically affect your dating life. Prepare to enter a world so radically different from that of most men that few even know how to imagine what life is like after the amazing transformation that can occur.

  Hidden Detractors From Success

It's arguably the most frustrating quandary that just about every man faces at some point: How do you overcome a very real issue that is affecting your ability to attract women when you can't even pinpoint what that issue actually is? In this audio section you'll discover earmarks of and solutions to over fifty potential roadblocks to dating success. Chances are overwhelmingly in your favor that you will gain real visibility into one or more of the enigmatic ways you have been sabotaging your own success with women...until now.

  Bonus Track: On Self-Esteem vs. Confidence

Self-esteem and confidence are often considered synonymous...but they are far from it. Can you describe the difference? Moreover, do you have a real handle on the level of each that you personally possess? This concise audio program captures the essence of each all-important concept and arms you with wisdom that may once and for all unleash the man of well-rounded character within. Great women will settle for nothing less, and neither should you.

  Bonus Track: Free Yourself From The Need To Impress Women

Several months ago during an interview for Power Sessions, Amy Waterman coined the phrase "Presence vs. Performance" when describing what women want from a man on a first date...and beyond. In this brief audio segment you'll gain a clear perspective on the meaning of this phrase and how dramatic an effect it can have on your success with women. This will be a wake up call to men all over the world who have made a habit of trying to impress women. Learn the secret to being vs. doing--and by doing so eliminate "neediness" while making some great women very happy.


Each of those audio and video programs hits the ground running with zero "fluff" whatsoever. Together they pack enough firepower to be packaged as a legitimate "advanced series" by themselves.

But this is X & Y Communications you are dealing with, so we're just getting WARMED UP.

Take a look at the UNPRECEDENTED LINEUP of ALL-STARS that follows...


ALL NEW co-instructed full-length discussions as follows featuring WORLD CLASS EXPERTS:


  How To Choose The Right Path To Getting Better With Women
Featuring Jae Ellis (The AskRomeo Team)

Do you want to be a world-class pickup artist? Would you rather equip yourself for finding a great woman? Something in between? An absolutely crucial step for each of us as men is to figure out exactly what our own personal vision is for "success with women". Then, it's up to us to choose the right path to getting where we want to be. All too often we gravitate to the first attractive message we find, only to find later we have become someone completely different than we expected--and are attracting a different type of women than we hoped for. So how do you first calibrate exactly where you are today, and then make sure you are headed in the right direction according to your own desires? Jae Ellis is the CEO of and has been coaching both men and women for quite some time now. With a staff of twenty uniquely gifted experts on his team stands as the perfect man to address this all-important set of issues. Expect a full hour's worth of discussion that often travels where few have dared to go before.

  Dealing With "Games"
Featuring Carlos Xuma (Dating Dynamics)

Carlos Xuma is well-known by just about any guy who is interested in getting better with women. A major contributor to his considerable popularity is his authenticity. Carlos is all about helping men be the best they can be, and it shows. Listen in as we deal with a topic that consistently derails both men and women when it comes to dating success. Find out what "games" really are, how to identify them and...most you can finally deal with them effectively. Never be anyone's fool ever again.

  Unleashing Your Charismatic Personality
Featuring Will H. (You Are So In My Way)

Will H. is likely no stranger to any of us. Inarguably one of the most engaging personalities in the world of men's dating advice, Will has long been a standard guest in David DeAngelo's live seminars and advanced series programs. When Will shows up, the party gets started. Now, in what is perhaps the most anticipated interview ever from a man who grants all too few of them, Will literally pours out every single one of his secrets of being the charming yet mysterious man he coined as "charasmistic" during this audio program. And rest assured, I squeezed out every single bit of practical, transferable information I could from him. That way, you are sure to take away some very practical steps for, make that dramatically transforming your own charming presence with women. What I appreciated most from this action-packed interview was how Will made it blatantly obvious that literally any man can improve his level of charisma without having to at all sell out his true, authentic personality. Amazing information awaits in this program, which also carries the distinct added value of being flat-out hilarious from end-to-end.

  How To Please A Woman In The Bedroom
Featuring Alex Allman (Revolutionary Sex)

For as absolutely crucial an audio program as this, I knew I had to find exactly the right guy for the job. Always objective while maintaining a high-level of professionalism, Revolutionary Sex author Alex Allman is the man. In this discussion, which spans well over an hour, get ready for a non-stop barrage of immediately applicable information you can start using right now to be a full-on master in the bedroom. Every topic you've ever wanted answers on is covered in no-nonsense detail, from performance anxiety and premature ejaculation to awakening a woman's inner passion and leading her into the kind of sexual adventures you've always fantasized about. Expect real, frank answers with nothing held back. We even disclose specific, easily replicable techniques that have been until now closely-guarded secrets of men who are the very best at satisfying the women in their lives. Tune in to this high-powered program and unlock keys to sexual mastery that the overwhelming majority of men miss out on their entire lives.

  Female Ejaculation: How To Give Your Woman Ultimate Orgasmic Pleasure
Featuring Alex Allman (Revolutionary Sex)

In this full-length program Alex Allman returns to give you step-by-step instructions on how to help any woman achieve the ultimate female orgasmic state: the "squirting" orgasm. Learn why so few women ever experience it, and--more importantly--discover how you can be the man in her life who finally helps her successfully enjoy it. Absolutely nothing on this planet causes a woman to become as entirely enthralled and devoted to you as a man than your ability to give her this level of sexual satisfaction. As such, this topic is such a popular one that Alex and I dedicated a separate discussion solely to teaching you how to make it happen. Every last thing you need to know is covered--clearly and objectively. What is VIRTUOSITY to a man without this skill? While other guys pay for completely separate books and/or programs on this subject, your complete no-holds-barred tutorial to enabling full-body, ejaculatory orgasms is yet another of over sixty high value sessions in the VIRTUOSITY package.

  How To Get Women Interested And Keep Them That Way
Featuring Doc Love (

In a rare opportunity for listeners, the legendary Doc Love joins me for a lightning-paced discussion on a topic that he flat-out knows better than any man on the planet. Having asked over ten thousand women what it is that causes them to stay with a certain guy, Doc breaks down how to supercharge a woman's interest in you and--all importantly--how to tell exactly how interested she is at any given point. Just one listen to this audio program will underscore why Doc Love's The System is so wildly popular and his articles are regularly featured on countless media outlets including Nobody packs as much common sense into quite as engaging a style as Doc Love. Indeed, the rapid-fire pace of this program may require that you come up for air once it's through, but you're guaranteed to have a smile on your face the entire time.

  How To Make Her Think About You Constantly: Emotional Management vs. Desperation And Trickery
Featuring Zan Perrion (Enlightened Seduction)

One of the battles most of us as men face when we meet a woman who rocks our world is that of keeping our emotions in check. How do we keep our cool instead of letting neediness or even downright desperation control our thoughts? Long considered one of the few true "naturals" in the wide world of attraction and seduction experts, Zan was the first and by far the most logical choice to co-host this discussion. The closer you listen to the utterly amazing secrets imparted in this program, the less likely you are to ever depend on routines and/or trickery to keep women around ever again. Instead, thanks to this relentless barrage of non-stop original material from Zan, you'll gain priceless insight into precisely how a man can cause a woman to think about him constantly when he's not around...and never want to leave his side when he is around. Now that's exactly what we've always wanted to hear from this guy. Whatever you do, don't miss this audio session.

  Building Rapport And Escalating Attraction
Featuring Joseph "Thundercat" Matthews (

Having been exalted to a position of great influence within the Seduction Community, Joseph Matthews is well known for his prolific and consistent production of practical advice for men who want to improve their skills with women. Perhaps the most fascinating talent that Joseph brings to the table is his ability to effectively impart the nuts and bolts of pickup and seduction with a disarming candidness towards genuinely valuable material vs. mere "snake oil". True to form, Joseph joins me ahead of the re-release of his top-notch Renegade Rapport program for a double-barreled discussion of unprecedented depth on creating rapport and what to do with it once established. Build rapport with women before even meeting them? Are you kidding me? Rest assured...he's not kidding you. What's next, x-ray vision?

  Blow Her Away With Amazement: How To Knock A Woman's Socks Off
Featuring Mike Bloomberg (An Exclusive Engagement)

Have you ever been fortunate enough to experience a woman's glow in her eye as she pronounces you "amazing"? Meet Mike Bloomberg. He might not be the mayor of New York City, but his job is even more important as far as you are concerned. You see, Mike specializes in helping men all over the world literally overwhelm the women in their lives with romantic skill and passionate energy. He has helped guys plan elaborate marriage proposals, outrageously creative anniversary surprises and countless other experiences where overwhelming a woman with joy and romantic passion was a mandated imperative. And now he's going to share his secrets with you. And rest assured--he does not disappoint. Think "romance" is a word that is not in your vocabulary? It's time to rethink that. Learn how to create genuinely romantic moments in a woman's life and unleash the kind of passionate response from her that you only thought happened in the movies. Fair warning: Mike Bloomberg is bad to the bone. And this discussion will rock your world.

  How To Make Women Laugh
Featuring Barry Kirkey (

You may know Barry as "Extramask" from The Game. If so, then you also know that Barry has made a massive transformation in the area of attracting women since first entering the Seduction Community...and that he's a professional comedian. In this truly unique audio session, you'll learn the basic principles of humor as well as a number of innovative perspectives on how to bring a smile to women's faces everywhere. Prepare to gain a whole new understanding on how--and when--to use humor with women. It's common knowledge that women love a man who can make them laugh...and you're about to become that guy. Fair warning: This audio program is something completely different and flat-out defies description--you'll just have to experience it for yourself.

  Character-Based Pickup And Seduction
Featuring Stephen Nash (Cutting Edge Image Consulting)

Stephen Nash, as a one-time resident of the legendary "Project Hollywood", has had the opportunity to be literally immersed in the underground community of pickup artists at the very highest level. He has gone from personal heartbreak to a wildly successful pickup game and has now come full-circle in his life--enjoying the company of the greatest woman he has ever met. In this strikingly frank discussion with one of the world's most respected seduction coaches, you'll find out why a man of truly impeccable character must indeed have genuine skills in both pickup and seduction. You'll also learn--once and for all--the powerful secrets of getting that handled in your life without compromising your integrity at the hands of trickery and "quick fixes". At last...practical steps to effective pickup and seduction for guys who desire quality women. You are guaranteed to have never, ever heard anything remotely like what awaits you in this discussion, and what you hear may free you from the invisible chains that bind great men all over the world.

  Daytime Game: Meet And Attract Women Everywhere
Featuring Oliver "Grungey 10" Turner (CaptivateToConnect)

Every once in a while someone bursts on the scene whose star just seems to be rising faster than others. Oliver T. is one of those guys. Yeah, he's super cool and has an unquestionably authentic desire to help guys like you and me succeed with women. That's all good. But it's Oliver's specialty that truly sets him apart. You see, there is absolutely nobody on this planet who is more immersed in daytime pickup strategy than he is. As you well know, this is one of my favorite topics as well. And why not? Simply put, there is no better place to find and meet great women than...well...anywhere else but a bar or club. So as you would expect, this audio program turned out to be one of the most content-rich experiences ever packed into an hour of my schedule. Oliver and I hash out so many utterly visionary possibilities for how to meet great women that my head was left spinning. Once you hear what is on tap here, your mindset very well could be revolutionized such that you may never set foot in a club ever again. As a special bonus, Oliver has left a special report on my server detailing itemized 25-day plan of action--just for VIRTUOSITY members.

  Growing Up But Not Old: Why All Women Love What Happens To Men Around Age 30
Featuring AJ & Jordan (Pickup Podcast)

Jordan and AJ came out of seemingly nowhere this past January as co-hosts of the Pickup Podcast show, which has since become a runaway hit topping the major category of "Health" on iTunes. Any guy who has heard the show can quickly figure out why. These guys bring a masculine presence and straight-up attitude to their craft that is undeniable. Listening to them run game on their show, there is no doubt these two can walk the talk. What is even more valuable is how they impart their considerable knowledge and skill in a confident yet never arrogant manner--and it's this sense that you're dealing with two genuinely cool guys which flat-out compels guys to tune in week after week. Having been a guest on Pickup Podcast myself, it was especially thrilling to have Jordan and AJ stop by and focus in on the topic I've been dying for them to uniquely address: What is it that happens to a guy in his late twenties to early thirties that really firms up his attractiveness to women? AJ and Jordan consistently demonstrate that they have this stuff down pat, so all of you younger guys out there can actually get a head start on what is going on there and how to make it happen ASAP...without actually having to get any older just yet.

  Secrets To Success With Women For Men Over 40
Featuring Brent Smith (Absolute Power Dating)

Insiders in the Seduction Community point to Brent as one of the few guys who truly has the kind of "game" that most men only dream of. Like Will H., Brent is a fixture on David D.'s programs, once coining the now famous and immutably ironic mantra that resonates so well with any guy who understands it: "The difference that makes the difference is indifference". Having recently celebrated his 42nd birthday, Brent was my number one go-to guy when considering who to invite for this discussion. And let me tell you, there are no disappointments. As he concentrates much of his energy on direct coaching, Brent is one of those guys whose material is just way to hard for most guys to get their hands on. As such, I'm very pleased to have him on as a part of VIRTUOSITY. If you have only heard rumors of how on-point Brent is, this discussion is sure to blow you away. And even if you aren't exactly over forty just yet, take my word for'll be taking reams of notes based on what this guy has to offer. You just don't get this kind of wisdom from your garden-variety press interview.

  Approaching Women Made Easy
Featuring Asian Playboy (The ABC's Of Attraction)

As a former rocket scientist (literally), Asian Playboy has undergone a personal transformation from a shy left-brained engineer to the man recently named the "World's Greatest Asian Pickup Artist". Let's face it, if you want to know what it takes to get over a vicious case of approach anxiety and learn to meet women effectively, there's no better place to go than to the doorstep of an award-winning master pickup artist. And make no mistake, despite his Hefner-esque pen name, "APB" understands what a quality woman looks like and is all about helping good men become great. Several of my friends kept telling me that inviting him to be a part of VIRTUOSITY would be a major, major plus...and right they were. This is no tired retread of what you've heard a million times on this subject. Prepare yourself for radically new and transformational ideas--all gift-wrapped in an audio program that will improve your social life from the second you press "play".

  First Date Mastery: How To Get The Second Date Every Time
David Wygant (

Simply put, David Wygant is one of the most established and successful professional dating coaches on this planet. Over the course of his career, David has become a sought after media personality and has been featured as a dating expert on over 2000 radio shows. On television, David has appeared on E, Dateline, ABC News, CBS Good Morning, Inside Edition, MTV, Fox News, The Learning Channel, BBC, and Blind Date as well as many other shows. In print, David has been featured in over 200 publications such as Maxim, Men's Health, Cosmopolitan, The Los Angeles Times, The Chicago Daily Herald, The Boston Globe, The Philadelphia Enquirer and New York Magazine. Online, David has worked with, Yahoo! Personals, Lavalife and many other dating sites. So who better to teach the secrets of making sure you get the second date whenever you so choose? Here's a hint: This audio program majors on supercharging attraction on first dates while eliminating "hidden detractors"--exactly what every man needs when meeting a woman for the first time.

  On Exterminating Excuses
Featuring Sean Stephenson (Inner Game Magazine)

Sean Stephenson could be the most inspiring man I've ever met. Despite being born with a physical condition that has confined him to a wheelchair, Sean possesses one of the most optimistic and engaging attitudes ever. What's more, women love this guy. Sean's life work surrounds helping men, women and even kids get over whatever they believe is holding them back in life. If you enjoy dwelling in the shadow of your doubts, don't listen to this program. On the other hand, if you are all about doing away with self-doubt, this audio is sure to inspire you to kick every obstacle in your imagination out of your way for good. Sean literally blows them away before your very eyes...all the while weaving his extraordinary message within the context of vastly improving one's skills with women. From there, it's up to you to take the gift he graciously imparts and run with it.

  How To Date Tens
Featuring Christian Hudson (Master The Vibe)

Christian Hudson has a long history of passionate contribution to the world of men's dating advice. As one of the founders of Charisma Arts, most guys know his name. Living in New York City, Christian has become a standout in the high-profile social scene in the Big Apple and has consistently been able to attract and date some of the world's most beautiful women. Learn from him in this mind blowing discussion exactly what it takes to approach and attract women who are particularly beautiful. Tune in for one of the most poignant programs in this entire series. His insights will both shock you and empower you...guaranteed.

  Masculine Wiles: Leverage Your Attraction To Win With Women
Featuring Shrop (The AskRomeo Team)

Nobody is about to question Shrop's level of ability in attracting great women. The man's got straight-up game like few others do. But there's something just a little deeper going on with Shrop that takes his success with women to the next level. AskRomeo's top-shelf marketeer sat down with me for an in-depth discussion on how you can learn to leverage leadership and attraction skills in a way that causes women not only to want to know you, but literally roll out the red carpet for you. You know how certain hot women can use their "feminine wiles" to get whatever they want from most guys whenever they want it? You are about to come face-to-face with the reality that you as a man can also inspire that kind of special treatment...from women. Sound preposterous? It is...but that doesn't make it any less real a possibility. Listen up as Shrop and I show you the secrets of living like a rockstar...all thanks to the adoring women in your life.

  All About Relationship Management
Featuring Sebastian Drake (theApproach, Master The Vibe)

Sebastian is well-known for founding TheApproach, a company focused on live training for men in the social arts that has consistently had the highest level of client success rates. Since meeting this guy a few months back, I've been duly impressed by his undeniable talent in relating to the opposite sex. On top of that, his real devotion to helping men everywhere also get better with women is constantly evident. In this bonus-length program, Sebastian and I break down everything you need to know as a man on how to set the right precedents for a solid relationship with a woman from the very beginning, and how to manage relationships in precisely the way a real man should. This is powerful stuff that no man should enter a relationship without. Miss this and you are in clear danger of "settling" for less than you deserve or--worse--messing up something that's genuinely good. And your reward for listening? Only bulletproof strategies for getting inside a woman's head and staying there for as long as you choose--even when you're not around...that's all.

  From Multiple LTRs To Exclusivity
Featuring Frank B. Kermit (Frank Talks)

Long recognized as a teacher of seduction principles, Frank Kermit recently had a life-changing experience: He found the greatest woman he had ever met. Now, he has made the decision to marry that woman. How does a guy go from wild success at seducing many women to living life focused on one great woman? Living up to his name, Frank shares his experiences and his wisdom in making a very profound--but in his mind welcome--lifestyle change. Listen in to this powerful discussion for the secret to long-term resolution of what it means to buy in to the seduction lifestyle. This is about having real "field vision" into a full life of ultimate success with women from day one...all courtesy of one of the most genuine guys in the business. Don't wait for this kind of candor on any other program other than VIRTUOSITY because you will be waiting a long time to hear the truth on this topic anywhere else.

  Any Man's Guide To Dating Celebrities
Featuring Robert Martin (Look Great Naked At Any Age)

Robert Martin has not simply managed to luck out by dating a starlet or two along the way. Rather, he has been able to repeatedly date some of the hottest and most desirable women in Hollywood, including soap opera actresses and even full-on A-list movie stars. Amazingly, Robert has demonstrated an ability to not only attract such women but to date them long-term when he has chosen to do so. In this program, Robert lifts the veil and shows us the secrets to approaching, attracting and even building relationships with exactly those women whom most guys believe are the most unapproachable of all. Think you don't have a chance at this sort of lifestyle? Think again.

  The Average Man's Guide To Maximizing His Appearance
Featuring Robert Martin (Look Great Naked At Any Age)

As a special bonus, Robert also joined me for a second full-length discussionon how to absolutely maximize your appearance--even if you aren't "Mr. GQ". Robert is the author of a program that shows us as men how to do the very best with what nature has given us. Surprisingly, that is exactly what most women are looking for from a man when it comes to our looks and the extent to which it matters to them. Get ready for specific action steps on how to look and be your best, regardless of your age or body type. It's all in there, covered from every imaginable angle. Get ready to catch the eye of great women everywhere.

  Confessions Of A Touring Musician: How To Leverage Your Natural Talents To Attract Women Like A Rock Star
Featuring Bruce James

Bruce James is a well-known blues musician from Austin, TX. Living in the "Live Music Capital Of The World", Bruce's level of talent and status affords him the opportunity to play concerts and meet lots of women. In this highly sought-after discussion, Bruce describes what it's really like to live in his world. But best of all, you'll see that he's really a normal guy like you and me who has simply discovered how his talents affect the female psyche. With that in mind, he succinctly and effectively offers how any guy can identify his own talents and translate them into wild attraction in his own life.

  On Being A Man Of High Value
Featuring Cameron Teone (Attract Women Anywhere)

Cameron Teone is one of the world’s premiere dating coaches in teaching natural game. He is known for his laid-back, accessible approach and unique methods dedicated to self-development. His specialty, however, is helping men drop routines and throw away their canned and cheesy pickup lines--all while destroying their limiting beliefs and helping develop attributes that will attract women naturally. Find out in this audio session what it means to be a man of high quality by defining and living up to your own standard of character. If you have tried and been frustrated by pre-packaged seduction routines and tactics in the past this discussion will empower you like never before.

Featuring Decker (Authentic SF)

We as guys are always told to "be ourselves" when it comes to attracting women. But what does that really mean? And what if women flat-out fail to respond favorably when we make an honest effort at "being ourselves"? If you have ever been haunted by this concept you are certainly not alone. Just about every man wrestles with this in a major way, and if you are one of them then Decker is your man. His recent interview with David DeAngelo was one of the most powerful I've heard in recent memory. Upon listening to it I knew immediately that inviting him to be a part of VIRTUOSITY was a must.

  Combating Guilt And Shame
Featuring Bryan Bayer (Authentic SF)

Whether it's due to past experiences and/or faulty social programming, a staggering number of us as men are haunted on a daily basis by shame and guilt. A man's sexual nature, his social status and indeed his very masculinity are often at play here. Tragically, such "head games" we play with ourselves not only limit our success with women, they rob us of the opportunity to be at our best with the women who are in our lives. For this powerful discussion I am joined by Brian Bayer, who is co-founder with fellow VIRTUOSITY guest Decker of the Authentic Man Program. Pay careful attention as Bryan helps you systematically diffuse these insidious psychological forces that are at war against your success with women.

  Ultimate Body Language And Eye-Contact
Featuring Cory Skyy (Badboy With A Heart)

Cory Skyy's teachings are controversial, no doubt. Considering he firmly believes in a man's ability to attract women to himself without even saying anything, that's understandable. But that's the thing about the skills and mindsets that contribute to the very highest level of success with women--the results so transcend what the average man even deems possible that the ideas and strategies involved are often passed off as pure hype. There are few guys in the world of men's seduction advice who would even dare talk about what is discussed in this particular audio program. But rest assured...if you can get your head around the information shared you will find yourself not just on another plane but in an entirely new dimension with women. You are about to experience "attraction" and "seduction" from a mind-blowing new perspective. Perhaps ironically, this is likely the way it was meant to be and the way women most want it to be.

  Eliminating The Age Gap: Attract Younger OR Older Women
Featuring Brad Finsilver (The Date Mentor)

One of my good friends in the dating coaching world is Brad Finsilver. His logic is always rock-solid when it comes to everything having to do with attracting and relating to women, so whenever we discuss our mutual favorite subject (great women) you're sure to be in for nonstop, wall-to-wall practical info. This audio program is no exception. Brad and I talk in great detail about first-person experience dating women of all ages, and how any man--regardless of his own age--can be sure to surround himself with women of whatever age he wishes. Get ready for an entertaining and challenging discussion covering every conceivable angle of this topic. All killer, no filler.

  How To Ignite Femininity: The Woman's Perspective
Featuring Marie Forleo (The Good Life)

Any guy who subscribes to David DeAngelo's "Interviews With Dating Gurus" Series knows Marie well. After all, hers is the double-interview that David D. sends as a bonus to every guy who signs up. Simply stated, Marie is not only about as sharp as they come, she's also all about helping guys succeed with women. In other words, she gets it. So when Marie offers to share with us guys exactly what it is that causes a woman's attraction sensors to go gangbusters, we're definitely in for some insider information that is potentially life-changing. If you're a guy who recognizes how crucial it is to understand women, don't miss this engaging and powerful discussion. You heard from me on igniting femininity in Section One of you get the all-important woman's point of view.

  How To Understand Women
Featuring Janet Morehead (Mojo-Maker)

Janet is the real deal. As a dating coach who specializes in working with men, Janet is much like Marie Forleo in her commitment to doing what she can to help men like you and I succeed wildly with women. Knowing that women everywhere are frustrated by a lack of great men, her mission is to help you be one of the few and the proud (and wildly attractive). As such, Janet is hilariously candid about what it is that women want from a man and how we as men can discover how to understand them. This makes for an amazing discussion that is so on-point you'll be left shaking your head in wonderment. You'll want to listen to this session several times over just to make sure you don't miss a thing.

  The Dreaded Just Be Friends Zone
Featuring Amy Waterman (000Relationships)

If you have listened to any of our podcasts you already know that we collaborate with Amy very often. There's a simple reason for this--she straight-up knows what makes relationships great. Plus, she knows how to give men the woman's perspective with striking clarity. Listen up as Amy reveals to you--once and for all--exactly why guys end up getting the "JBF" talk. What's more, she offers straight talk for men who are already "in the zone" with a great woman but want to get out. Expect to go way beyond the standard excuses and discover secrets that are nothing short of groundbreaking in this highly-requested audio program.

  Devastating Style
Featuring Renee Piane (Love Mechanics)

OK, here it is. Renee has been well-known worldwide as an expert dating coach and style consultant for over fifteen years now--and she knows her stuff. This means that she has all the experience you need when is comes to figuring out how to reinvent your own personal style in a way that's going to literally mesmerize women into taking notice of you. As a specialist with an unusually wide scope of talent as a trainer of social skills, Renee helps crack the code for you as it pertains to what you should wear and how to wear it, how exactly to outfit your home or apartment and--importantly--how to gain a firm grasp of exactly what your style and habits say to women about the kind of man you are. I recently made friends with Renee and I can say that apart from being friendly and engaging, she is indeed another one of those rare and exceedingly valuable women in the dating advice realm who absolutely, positively wants men to win. Rest assured I made fantastic use of this opportunity to visit with her.

  The Man's Guide To Understanding And Igniting Femininity
Featuring Rion Williams (Men's Guide To Women)

Rion Williams is the thinking man's dating guru. Evident in his body of work is literally years of experience at studying and defining what it really means to understand women. With that in mind, I invited Rion to join me for a discussion on what true feminine sexual nature entails, and what women really want from guys like us. This epic-length audio program is sure to open your eyes to amazing truths that have eluded most men for literally centuries. Armed with the knowledge you'll receive from this program, you'll no-doubt begin to awaken feminine energy in the women you meet in a way that leaves the men around you dumbfounded.

  The Alpha Man Vs. The Jerk
Featuring Nick Shane (Become A Playboy)

Just like many guys have to come to grips with the difference between being a "Nice Guy" and a great man, others of us wrestle with the concept of how to be an alpha man without being a jerk about it. In this audio program I am joined by none other than Nick Shane, whose easy-going yet unashamedly masculine style has earned him the respect of both men and women all over the world. This made him the obvious choice for this unprecedented discussion on how to be a strong, dominant man while earning respect and admiration from everyone in the process. Listen as we unlock the secrets to being among the 1% of men who naturally earns respect and admiration from both genders without demanding it.

  The Truth About Your Weight When It Comes To Success With Women
Featuring Brad Howard (The Fat Loss Black Book)

Brad Howard is an author and blogger ( who intricately combines fitness and attraction principles in his work. Known far and wide for his easy-going style and highly practical teachings, Brad joins us for one of the most outrageous and original discussions you've ever heard on the subject of staying in shape relative to your success with women. Forget what the media-driven "exercise experts" and late-night infomercials have told you. What is shared may surprise you, and it will absolutely motivate you. Visualize this: Everything you've ever heard about staying in shape to attract women is WRONG. Miss this audio program and your long hours spent in the gym could be pointless.

  The Divorced Man's Guide To A Wildly Successful Dating Life
Featuring Ken Kennedy (Dating After Divorce)

In the vast world of men's dating advice, it's Ken Kennedy who stands out when it comes to teaching guys who have gone through a divorce how to realize amazing success with women. In this special VIRTUOSITY program produced specifically for you as a divorced man, Ken and I hold absolutely nothing back when it comes to everything from getting back into the dating world to managing a busy dating schedule despite the demands of work and family. Best of all, we show you detailed, step-by-step strategies for overcoming previous mistakes, rising above challenges and preparing yourself for a future graced by the absolute greatest women in your life you've ever imagined.

  Making The Comeback After Divorce
Featuring Grant Adams (Net2Bed/Net2Wed)

Grant Adams has experienced a level of success in both his dating life and his career that would be the envy of most men. Now, in a rare discussion exclusive to the VIRTUOSITY series, Grant reveals how he dealt with the very real pain of divorce in his life, and --importantly--how he was able to parlay a difficult time in his life into massive success with women going forward. Learn what every divorced man needs to know in order to effectively deal with past mistakes and/or emotional hurt, make solid future decisions regarding women, and--of course--become a man who attains complete control over his own wildly successful dating life. Expect a refreshingly frank discussion between Grant and I that is sure to inspire you like no other and keep you riveted to your seat. If you are a divorced man, you are about to realize that Grant and I are two guys you could have a beer with.

  Understanding Your Rights As A Man
Featuring Harry Crouch (California Men's Center)

Harry Crouch is a professional men's advocate. Every morning he wakes up and goes to work for you and me, whether that means standing up for our rights as men, shining the light on paternity fraud or generating awareness of the many ways we as men are fast becoming second-class citizens in today's culture. Listen in as Harry shares with you the kind of tasks that fill his workday and the importance of the vision that shapes his very mission in life. In this unique audio program covering subject matter that most men's dating advice dares not touch, you'll come face-to-face with the kind of powerful knowledge that can increase your wisdom and shield you from a world of hassle. You are a great man. Listen in as Harry reassures all of us that our masculinity and all that it represents is more valuable today than ever before.

  Dating For Single Dads
Featuring Joseph South (Joseph Went South)

Joseph South runs a great podcast called Joseph Went South, found in the "Health/Alternative Health" section on iTunes. Having been a guest on that show, I know Joseph to be a man who offers a wellspring of wisdom to any man wanting to improve his skills with women. Joseph also happens to be a single dad, as I have been. Listening to this audio program, you'll be blown away by how effectively he is able to balance a wildly successful dating life with being an great dad to his daughter...all with zero compromise. Moreover, given Joseph's natural giftedness at teaching, you'll be able to find a wealth of practical experience from listening to this discussion. Get ready to hear valuable secrets you may never have considered--from how and when to introduce your kids to women to how exactly to conduct yourself in court during custody proceedings. A must for any single father, for sure.

  How Important Are Fatherhood Qualities To Women?
Featuring Armin Brott (Mr. Dad)

Armin Brott (aka "Mr. Dad") is essentially the go-to guy for the entire United States media when a spokesperson for fatherhood and/or fathers' rights is called for. As a man with a media sheet that would make Oprah jealous, I am very proud to have him appear within the VIRTUOSITY program. In what is most certainly a unprecedented phone conversation, Armin breaks down exactly what it is women look for in a man when evaluating at the instinctual level whether a man would be a good father to her children or not. This is an undeniable force in creating unconscious attraction in women, and Armin offers tremendous insight. As a bonus, Armin also shares some powerful thoughts regarding how to protect your rights as a man and as a father in today's society. If you are a dad or hope to be one someday, this conversation is a must. Even if you are on the fence about kids, the attraction secrets Armin shares are pure gold.


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Yes, you read all of the above correctly. No "typos", I promise. You've never seen a line-up of topics as ON POINT as what's unveiled above, have you?

And indeed, the roster of WORLD-CLASS EXPERTS that I've invited to help teach VIRTUOSITY to you reads like the WHO'S WHO among "white hat" instructors of dating and seduction on Earth.

By now you've figured out that we're ALL ABOUT tackling the kinds of issues you CARE ABOUT and answering questions that you are actually ASKING.

But if you think that's where the action stops, guess again. In order to deserve the title VIRTUOSITY, this all has has to go much further. And indeed it does.


"Of all the 'dating gurus' on the market you seem to be the most centered, the most focused on creating genuine connections and lasting happiness (evidenced by your relationship with Emily)
rather than the 'how to get laid fast' approach."

--Bob (Los Angeles, CA)


So tell me...are you beginning to imagine the life-changing impact that the OVER SIXTY DISTINCT AUDIO PROGRAMS we've talked about so far potentially hold? I trust you are. And that's great.

But what "advanced series" would be complete without some quality reading material? That's why I've designed my fourth book as an INTEGRAL COMPANION GUIDE to VIRTUOSITY...



There's just not room enough on this page to outline anywhere close to all of the valuable sections contained in my newest book Never Ever Settle. But here are some of the HARDEST HITTING ones that serve to perfectly compliment the principles of VIRTUOSITY:


  The most critical thirty minutes in dating...know when it's happening and handle it effectively.

  A real-life example of a successful approach that could change your life forever.

  The most dangerous reason why it's a BAD IDEA to go after women with boyfriends or husbands (HINT: getting shot at is second place).

  A complete list of what creeps women out and how to kill your own bad habits...because women will never tell you.

  The ABSOLUTELY CRUCIAL part of deserving what you want that is most often overlooked. This answers why GOOD people end up in BAD marriages.

  Exactly how to overcome approach anxiety...A completely original and universally effective strategy.

  How to deserve what you want even if you feel you are "average".

  The top ten excuses people make for dating failure

  The ULTIMATE reason why people give up on dating

  How to know when you SHOULD get out of a relationship...learn these warning signs and save yourself a world of trouble.

  Ways to tell your date is blowing smoke...finely tune your "fluff detector".

  The most common (and effective) ways men and women trick each other...clear your life of these hurdles and deserve what you want now.

  How to plan better dates while spending less money...for real.

  Finally exposed: The real reason why men who are sex-focused fail with women.

  How the "rich get richer" in the financial realm...and in the dating world.

  The top ten clues that a woman you are with is crazy about you.

  The false accusation almost every man hears at least once in his life...that is actually a trap.

  Extensive material on how to ignite femininity with masculinity.

  Dating "wake up calls" that most men sleep through.

  Why the "nice guy" and the "bad boy" BOTH fall short of meeting women's needs...and how you can distance yourself from 99% of other men in giving women what they crave.

  Highly effective daytime pickup women anywhere you choose whenever you wish.

  A brand-new perspective on bars and clubs, featuring completely overlooked but powerful strategies for success.

  The treacherous but incredibly effective way that a men are often tricked into settling for women they didn't choose.

  Finally...a man's guide to knowing whether to get married or stay single.


The bullet points listed above barely scratch the surface. There's a wealth of treasure nestled within Never Ever Settle that is beyond your wildest dreams.

Truly, this book is the ultimate follow-up to Deserve What You Want as it is focused like a laser on absolute mastery of what it takes to be as successful with women as you choose to be.

And, of course, that's the very definition of VIRTUOSITY itself.

But we're not done yet. Sure, there's enough already rolled into the package to qualify VIRTUOSITY as the most complete series of its kind ever produced. But you know I take great pride on being in ACTUALLY AVAILABLE to you. No "ivory tower" here (whatever that means). That's why I've gone so far as to include PERSONALIZED, 1-ON-1 SERVICES...


REAL attention to your individual needs has become a hallmark for X & Y Communications. VIRTUOSITY continues that tradition. Membership has its privileges...


  E-mail coaching included for 90-days from initial'll get my secret TOP-PRIORITY E-MAIL ADDRESS. Expect real, thoughtful answers.

  30-minutes of direct 1-on-1 consultation. Use it as you see fit...even for online dating consultation.


VITRUOSITY is not only the real deal, it's the COMPLETE PACKAGE. Just to make the "big picture" even bigger, we've "Texas sized" VIRTUOSITY with these EXTRA BONUSES...


Below is just a sampling of the SURPRISE BONUSES you can begin to expect as a VIRTUOSITY member:


  Scot McKay and Carlos Xuma on effective sexual communication with women.

  Scot McKay, Steve "The Dean" Williams and Joseph W. South in a roundtable discussion on congruence, integrity and long distance relationships.

  Scot's actual, live proposal to Emily recorded on MP3. Originally podcasted worldwide, you can now gain from this real-life example of a proposal that melted a great woman.

  The full version of the 101 ROMANTIC IDEAS e-book from Michael Webb, world authority on the subject. Any man who knows the meaning of authentic romance realizes that it's like having superpowers when it comes to igniting femininity. Drop the wussy stereotypes and start living through a consistent stream of the magical moments that make life with great women a blast. Author Michael Webb shows you why he is the media's go-to guy when it comes to romance.

  VIRTUOSITY guest co-host Joseph "Thundercat" Matthews' amazingly revealing 120 minute conference call on the power of RENEGADE RAPPORT. Create intense emotional connections with women VERY QUICKLY and then lead them through emotions of attraction and arousal.


So here's what it all comes down to...

Should you be willing to take the steps necessary to complete the VIRTUOSITY program, it is my solemn belief that you could easily install yourself as then next big "dating guru" in eighteen months or less.

And I say this not because you will be some sort of "theory engineer" who can spout off "book smarts" about "game" and "attraction" like he's Sgt. Peacock in the study with a revolver (but ironically, without a Clue).


"When I saw your material I thought THIS IS THE MAN. What you say is the kind of thing I was looking for. You talk about the most important thing--the inner game. I started listening to the VIRTUOSITY series and I`m impressed with the amount, depth and quality of the material. Thanks for the excellent work."
--Marco (Brazil)


It will be because you will have done what it takes to learn lessons that are not rocket science, but yet are somehow--and incredibly--too farsighted for most guys. Lessons that will directly translate into DESERVING GREAT WOMEN because YOU earned it and because YOUR blinders are off. You can and will recognize great women who will bring you the kind of pride and joy that Stevie Ray Vaughan talked about instead of a scorched landscape of utter ruin.


"I think most guys are like me. They start out looking for the gimmicks, opening lines, etc. Then as they get more into it the see that more genuine qualities are needed. So they branch out and seek guys like you that tend to focus more on increasing the
quality of the themselves more."

--Michael (United States Armed Services, Currently Deployed In Iraq)


Maybe you'll be fortunate enough to emerge relatively unscathed from the pitfalls of potentially fatal relationships. But will it be because you didn't even bother?

See, most guys are "armchair quarterbacks" in the game of life--creatures of habit who are more comfortable with the consistency of mediocrity than the awakening jolt of real change.

You've read thus far. As such, consider this letter to you my personal invitation to wake up from the trance you've perhaps been "seduced" into.


"I'm a huge fan of your work and of the podcast 'The Chick Whisperer'. Your advice and dating ideas have helped me to have more confidence and I'm starting to see results. I especially enjoy some of the guests you have had in the past who bring different view points on what it takes to be a real man to women, and how you can show that."
--Jason (Los Angeles, CA)


And no, I'm not kidding about the possibility that YOU could in turn someday (and someday soon) teach thousands of men what you learn through VIRTUOSITY.

What, am I a pipe-dreaming crazy man? Not at all. Believe me, Emily and I both have ex-spouses on the same medication and we know crazy.

Besides, you probably know me better than that by now. My judgment is 100% sound.


"For me, your approach and philosophy give advice that not only works, but allows me to grow into a more successful person with women (and in general) without losing my integrity. I love your stuff--it doesn't demand I turn into some pre-programmed Cirque du Soleil freakshow."
--Nigel (Australia)


The men of this planet are in grave need of many more "white-hat" teachers of REAL seduction. Good gravy, are going to hear from practically every one of them I can think of in this program alone!

My heart-felt passion is for the central message of VIRTUOSITY to get into the hands of every man on this planet. If that ever happens, we'll finally have a generation of men who are richly satisfied beyond their previously sex-focused imaginations.

What's more, we'll have more women who meet us at the door like "Smilin' Bob's" wife does. And it won't be because of the pills we take, but because of the men we are.

That's a fact.

It will be because you understand women (and yourself as a man) enough to know when to hold her and tell her everything's going to be okay. You'll "get it".


Considering the life-changing power VIRTUOSITY holds, you may be surprised to find that I'm planning to offer it so affordably.

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You've no doubt already realized that inviting the wrong woman into your life could cost you way, way more than this program will.

Nonetheless, I'm going to share with you every secret that I've got...without holding back even a single bit.

In fact, I have been all but obsessed about engineering VIRTUOSITY to be the only program for men ever produced of such a massive size and scope at such an affordable price.

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"You certainly are contributing things which in my 35-years of life on Earth have eluded me. I am grateful that there are still people who share their wisdom and experience with other humans. You're answering questions which puzzled me all of my life regarding women and self-confidence. Keep up the good work."
--Michiel (Netherlands)


"I cant thank you enough for your work. After spending a couple years in this community I finally stumbled across your site, and found the material I had been looking for. You have the integrity, honor, and respect that makes me proud to use your material."
--Andrew (Indianapolis, IN)


"You've really helped me. If I ever see you walking down the
street I'll throw money at you I promise! Thanks again Scot!"

--Louie (Coral Gables, FL)


"Your material has gotten me very interested in learning how to be a man worthy of a woman. Thanks to you, my attitudes are changing for the better. The information about being cool and also being someone who lights up the room has been very valuable to me."
--Erik (San Francisco, CA)


"You know more about women than most women. Thank you for giving guys 'real' advice about how to get a great girl."
--Beth (Asheville, NC)


Essentially, VIRTUOSITY is exactly what you'd expect from X & Y Communications: A radical departure from the "typical" with a relentless commitment to quality. Forward thinking and therefore original. No warmed-over retread "dating tips" in sight...only solid, character-based strategy for wild dating success on a level you as yet may not even imagine.

Prepare for radical transformation from where you are now to where you want to be when it comes to success with high-quality women.


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