Invincible is Scot’s first new program in over three years.  It’s all about standing up as a heterosexual man of virtue in today’s feminized world.  What if you believed women couldn’t hurt you, nor did they even want to? Take your power back and be the bold, confident and even dominant man women crave…all without ever being a jerk.

Major Themes: self-actualization, boldness, unstoppable confidence, virtuous dominance, overcoming shame and guilt, maximizing social and personal influence

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The Master Plan


The Master Plan is Scot’s cornerstone program covering how to be a “big four” man (confidence, masculinity that ignites femininity, the ability to make a woman feel safe and comfortable in your presence, character). Take back your natural birthright as a real man who was born to attract high quality women.

Major Themes: authenticity, virtuous manhood in a feminized world, masculine presence that attracts women, getting out of the “Just Be Friends Zone”, strong character

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The Man's Approach


The Man’s Approach is all about how to approach and meet women, start a conversation, create attraction, get their numbers and make plans to see them again. This is the definitive program for normal guys who want to meet more women without having to become a pickup artist to do so.

Major Themes: getting over “approach anxiety”, conversation with women, natural pickup, sparking attraction, flake-proofing, first dates

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The Leading Man


Once you have a great woman in your life, then what? How can you “wear the pants” without losing your shirt? The Leading Man is the original program on how to manage relationships with women, and remains the golden standard. Everything that happens from the first date onward is covered. Whether you want to date multiple women or build a long lasting, healthy relationship with the woman of your dreams, this is the program for you.

Major Themes: dating multiple women, going exclusive, communication in relationships, building a solid long-term relationship, crisis management, decision making, conflict resolution

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Online Dating Domination 2.0


Based on his real-world success and years of teaching others, Scot’s comprehensive toolkit for online dating success is Online Dating Domination 2.0. The newly-expanded version equips you with everything you need to know in order to get women off of your computer screen and into your life. Write the hottest women in your metro area, have them answer your messages and meet them in real life.

Major Themes: online dating profile strategy, writing first e-mails, eliminating costly online dating mistakes, moving from e-mail to first meeting, avoiding scams, Facebook, dating apps, rapid success

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Female Persuasion


Scot’s wildly popular program on how to charm women everywhere and earn their favor is called Female Persuasion. Discover the magic power every man can acquire to make any woman want to do anything for you. The best part is that you can do it without any tricks, mind games or underhanded tactics whatsoever. Women love to make men happy, and you should reap the benefits.

Major Themes: building rapport, being charming, social interaction, creating interest and intrigue, earning women’s favor in everyday situations, relating to women

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Behind Closed Doors


Finally, a comprehensive sex advice program that covers it all. Scot and his “who’s who” of expert guests show you how to identify women who are great in bed, satisfy them better than any other man ever could and have the best sex of your life.

Major Themes: selecting a sexual woman, initiating sex, being good in bed, pleasuring women, sexual performance and stamina, sexual technique, sexual psychology, keeping the fire stoked long-term

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The Big 4 Man Challenge


In a world where we’re told masculinity is no longer relevant and that showing interest in a woman is practically tantamount to rape, it’s time for some straight conversation about how to be the man women want. Take the challenge and thrill women with every facet of your life and every fiber of your being.

Major Themes: authentic masculnity, meeting women, social circle mastery, career advancement, online dating, sexual power, long-term relationships

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The Difference


There has been a shroud of intrigue and mystery surrounding Scot’s program The Difference, but the premise of it is actually very simple: Gather all of the closely-guarded secrets of the world’s best ladies’ men and reveal them in one place. The result empowers you to have amazing new experiences with insanely hot women that few men even dare to dream is possible.

Major Themes: advanced strategies for success with women, going from good to great, the “hidden” secrets of world-class experts with women

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When Scot decided to do his first major multimedia program, he wanted to make sure he overdelivered in a big way. The result was the now-legendary Virtuosity, an epic bonanza featuring over 40 world-class guests who each reveal all the secrets of what they’re uniquely best at. You can also count on powerful and effective teaching on success with women from Scot himself.

Major Themes: all of the gurus in one place, coverage of every element of success with women, solid foundational teaching

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Chick Whispering


Based on Scot’s top-rated podcast The Chick Whisperer, this is your ultimate program on understanding women. Yes, you really can get inside their minds and know exactly what’s going on, allowing you to anticipate their moves and thrill them to no end.

Major Themes: understanding women, female psychology, decoding women’s signals, avoiding poisonous women, selecting the right woman, younger women, women from different cultures, intelligent women, personality types

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