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What do these two know about online profiles and first e-mails? (other than what makes for winning ones)

“Facts indicate that the vast majority of people who try online dating give up in frustration within 90 days. Although such failure is unfortunate, the greatest tragedy is that such a disarmingly small amount of knowledge could have so dramatically changed the outcome.” — Scot McKay

It seems there are a lot of people out there who give online dating a try, post a profile narrative that looks and sounds exactly like the sea of others, fail miserably, and therefore give up on this amazing medium forever.
Fortunately, Scot McKay didn’t give up.

Common wisdom dictates that in order to succeed online, one must have all the “statistics” in order that the opposite gender is looking for. Well, at 5’6″ and nearly 40 years old, Scot couldn’t depend upon looking good on paper. After over three years of researching all the details that make for online dating success and applying them, along with a lot of trial and error of his own ideas, he eventually reached an extraordinary 80% response rate from women he wrote to online.

How does that sound? Would you like to be at that point yourself, if you aren’t today? Of course…who wouldn’t?

Make no mistake, Scot is a normal, red-blooded guy. When he posted his very first online dating profile narrative, he was turning out the same painfully boring opening emails that many of you who are online receive on a daily basis. You know the ones: “You seem like a nice person. Write me back sometime and we’ll talk.” All punctuated with the same subject heading as nearly 50% of all first emails: “Hello”.

By the time Scot saw Emily online at, however, he had changed his approach enough through hours of research and fine-tuning that he was able to capture her attention with his first email. And according to her, when she read his profile for the very first time she knew she just had to meet him.

The first date went great, because both had done what it takes to deserve what they want. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Now Emily was apparently more of a “natural” at all of this online stuff. She knew instinctively that having nice pictures wasn’t enough. Ask Scot, and he’ll be the first to tell you that Emily portrayed in her profile the kind of excitement, femininity and sense of adventure he found so very rare in other women’s profiles. That is the reason Emily had been able to arrange up to three dates per day and eventually meet Scot…all within thirty days of going online.

Emily and Scot are living proof that online dating flat-out works…but the caveat is that success is FAR from automatic. You absolutely, positively have to proactively make it work for you. It is absolutely crucial to separate yourself from the masses you are competing against for the attention of the most attractive people online.

And here’s the good news–like with nearly everything else related to dating, most people “wing it” with little, if any, thought or preparation. This creates all the opportunity in the world for those who are willing to invest even a minimal amount of time and resources into getting online dating right.

Now you can leverage all of Scot’s hours of research and field-testing, along with all of Emily’s natural knack for this online dating stuff.

Scot and Emily will work with you on every aspect of your online dating presence.

After all, it’s not just about having the right pictures. Successful online dating even transcends having the right words in your profile narrative, which is where other similar programs limit their focus.

Sure, X & Y Communications is partnered with in order to help you look your best. And you can bet that after finding out about what makes you unique, Scot and Emily will work with you to produce fresh online copy that is nothing short of mindblowing. Getting such things done is a given.

Above and beyond all of that, they will help you refine all of the subtleties that add up to success. This covers crucial areas typically not touched upon anywhere else, such as how to accurately predict a first date’s disappointment potential while all but ensuring you will never, ever have to endure the pain of being a disappointment.

There is so much that goes into a successful online dating strategy. Using a logical three-step process, Emily and Scot help simplify all of it and put you on the fast track to success. What’s more, they are there for you even after your new profile is live, helping you sort out what changes need to be made along the way, if any.

Why endure another minute of waiting to fulfill your online dating potential? For about the cost of two bad dates, X & Y Communications can stack the odds in your favor that you won’t have any more bad dates at all.

Results are 100% guaranteed. You can even read Scot’s own profile narrative, reprinted verbatim in the book Deserve What You Want. So contact us today using the form below, via Skype, or by calling (210) 260-6400.

Live the dream. Deserve what you want.


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Scot and Emily McKay

Scot and Emily McKay are professional dating and relationship coaches, authors and podcast hosts. Together they founded X & Y Communications in San Antonio, TX, which focuses on equipping and empowering men and women who want to go from good to great in their relationships.

They reach over 300,000 people all over the world through their newsletters, podcasts and social media. They are the authors of ten books between them, including four Amazon #1 bestsellers, and have been featured by over 400 media outlets worldwide.

Both Scot and Emily are Traveler’s Century Club members, having explored well over 100 countries together, often with their four children. Their travel blog and podcast can be found at