Scot McKay Unveils REAL Character Based Seduction and Attraction In Deserve What You Want

Finally...How To Attract Women By Being A Better Man

The most desirable women aren't about to fall for tricks and game-playing.

Naturally attract women with bold, transparent authenticity.


Isn't it time to deserve the woman of your dreams?



From The Desk Of: Scot McKay

Explosive success with the women you really want most...

Right now a critical choice is before you. One that could dramatically affect your future success with women.

You can keep doing what you've always done and continue to be frustrated while precious time ticks away even as you pour money into empty promises designed for "entertainment purposes only".

Or... you can invest the next ten minutes discovering the jealously guarded secrets of men who refuse to settle for anything less than absolute fulfillment of their wildest dreams with women.

We're talking the kind of truth so powerful and effective--yet so contrary to what most of what the "pickup community" teaches--that many seduction trainers would like to keep it out of your hands.

And this time, that last statement isn't simply some "marketing fluff" swiped from a copy writing seminar.


Joe Had The Hottest Woman At The Party By His Side

"Last Thursday was my employer's holiday party. I have fairly attractive coworkers, and there are a couple guys with attractive girlfriends/wives...and my girlfriend stood out among that whole crowd. The manager I'm working for right now told me how cute
she was--3 times. Not only did everyone there like her, but she hit
it off with the wife of the partner who's doing my performance review. Needless to say, this is a good thing."

-- Joe (Boston, MA)


The simple fact is that most dating and seduction advice you've heard before, when you actually apply it, may actually destroy your future chances of earning the respect of exactly the women who are the most desirable ones of all.

Such women make their own choices and will not be fooled. They will never settle for a guy who cannot ignite their femininity and inspire their confidence.


Having to ask "What do I do next?" at any point in your interactions means you'll always hit a roadblock at some point.


Pickup and seduction trainers who prey upon desperation know this all too well, which is why the information I am about to share with you is so potentially disruptive.

Yet the truth remains: Most men just like you want a great woman in their lives more than a string of mediocre ones. And you already know instinctively that the most desirable women are not about to fall for "routines" and "techniques".

This means that authenticity is the key. In order to get past "sticking points" and never blow it with women ever again, you really have to be the guy they truly want. There's no "faking it 'til you make it".


David DeAngelo Knows Solid Game When He Sees It

"He has some very interesting things to say about how to become more successful with women and dating. Not just how to meet a lot of women, but how to go from being GOOD with women to being AMAZING with women. If you're already good with women, listening to what my friend has to say JUST ONCE will improve your game significantly."
--David DeAngelo (Double Your Dating)


To get a great woman, there is no better strategy than to become the kind of man who deserves her. Then, you can approach and meet women anytime--even (make that especially) in the daytime--and expect results. No more "roadblocks", and no more "sticking points".

Sound difficult? Hardly.

Think that only other guys can make that happen in their lives? Guess again.

Shockingly, so few men ever take the time to even try to understand women that even knowing a small part of the truth goes a long, long way. And once you discover what I'm about to share with you, the path becomes crystal clear...finally.


So what's it going to be? Are you ready to get this part of your life handled?

My sincere hope is that you're ready to step up and hear the message that will likely revolutionize your life with women--for real this time.

So why am I so passionate about what I'm about to share with you, anyway?

Simply put, I was tired of reading the same tired old lines over and over again about "how to handle rejection", "peacocking", "getting laid in ten seconds", "why jerks get women", and my personal least-favorite--"how to date strippers". (Seriously, guys. Are we so brainwashed that we can't even deserve higher-quality women than that in our fantasies?)


"This Is The Kind Of Message That Vibes With Me"

"Awesome stuff from Scot - refreshingly direct, to the point, no mumbo-jumbo or sleazy stuff. This is the kind of message that vibes with me."
-- Michael (The Dating Wizard)


In my mind, and maybe in yours also if you share my way of thinking, it is time for something altogether different and decidedly more useful.

I mean, what if all of the 'tricks' and 'routines' really are counter-productive? What if a high-quality woman really is as interested in meeting a great man as you are in meeting her? And what if most women really are just as sexually alive as you are?

Assuming that's true...even for a minute...doesn't that make focusing on strippers and/or any random woman you meet at a bar or club sound like a waste of time?

It is time for a reference manual on knowing what it takes to unchain and release what is already within that makes you irresistibly attractive to the truly greatest women on Earth --and then going after those women confidently.

And why not go after them confidently? When you are the kind of man I'll show you how to be, most other men are either too scared, too misguided and/or too unmotivated to be any competition to you.



In other words, it's high time for a book on how best to prepare yourself for massive fulfillment with women instead of settling for abundant mediocrity.

Do you see the difference there? Instead of talking about tricking women into somehow being attracted to an insincere shadow of who you are, why not focus on how exactly you can become more attractive to them at their primal, instinctual level?

Let's face it...this makes perfect sense. It's like a voice of reason amongst a barrage of white noise, isn't it?

Yet, when was the last time you actually found a book on dating and seduction that actually helped you become better?

Amazing, but true, isn't it? Books like that simply are not on the shelves.


Andrew Finally Found What He Was Looking For

"I can't thank you enough for your work. After spending a couple years in this community I finally stumbled across your site, and found the material I had been looking for. You have the integrity, honor, and respect that makes me proud to use your material."
-- Andrew (Indianapolis, IN)


But if you are like me, you already sense that you've just got to BE the best man possible in order to GET the best woman possible. Otherwise, the only real-world alternative (at best) is to "settle" for a partner who disappoints you--and vice-versa. Millions of people live this kind of unhappy existence, drowning in pornography or soap operas in a weak attempt to vicariously live a dream which they have squandered.

Knowing that real fulfillment with women can become your reality, my passion is to help you make sure you are not one of the untold masses who "settle".

Well, of course...It seems obvious when spelled out in plain English, doesn't it? After all, does any man really ever make conscious plans to "settle" for a woman who falls far short of who he really wanted?

Of course not.

And even if you dig yourself out of the "underground", the mainstream "dating advice" out there apparently wants us to focus on how to feel sorry for ourselves and how to excuse people who didn't find us attractive. That's flat-out not helpful either.


It's time for real information about how you can
really, truly be a better man and get better women.

Do you want to stand out from the pack?

Do you want to win?


In order to get a book on how to make that a reality, the truth is that I had to write it myself.

And that's exactly the kind of book Deserve What You Want is. As such, it is one of the most revolutionary and groundbreaking books on dating and attraction ever written.

I've searched and perused the shelves at Barnes And Noble, and nothing out there even comes close to the concept...the focus of this book is 100% original.


Sincere, Enlightening, Refreshing Wisdom

"Iíve read your e-book and am really getting a lot out of your wisdom. Itís impressive how clearly you speak on such a dynamic process as dating and relationships. The sincerity of the 'deserving what you want' concept is refreshing and your knowledge is enlightening."
--Brian (Duluth, GA)


And like I said, it is LONG overdue.

I have lived what I have written, and it has paid off in the form of having the opportunity to date as many women as I chose to...ultimately finding, attracting and keeping the kind of woman who is of such high quality that most, if not all people consider it being "too picky" to ever even hope for someone like her.

And no, I'm not wearing "rose colored glasses". Everyone I know tells me that I have found a gem. Right here in the United States. Right here in my home town.

Hey, I've dated a lot of women and had a blast. And I've also now found the greatest one I've ever known. We've got a bright future together.

What this means to you is that I have no reason to hold back any of what I've learned from you, do I? I've watched my wildest dreams come true, so I not only know that what I am sharing with you works--I've actually arrived at the ultimate destination.


Michael Isn't Like Most Guys...Anymore

"I think most guys are like me. They start out looking for the gimmicks, opening lines, etc. Then as they get more into it the see that more genuine qualities are needed. So they branch out and seek guys like you that tend to focus more on increasing the
quality of the themselves more."

--Michael (United States Armed Services)


I have to be honest with you. Up until that was the case, I was seriously way to busy out with women to have any time to write about it.

Besides, now that I've seen how the entire journey of ultimate success with women can unfold, the information I am now sharing with you is that much more complete...and profound.

Nowadays, I'm dedicated to helping you discover everything that took me years to find out. I'm committed to helping you forget about dealing with bad relationships and poisonous women forever.

Instead, I want to be part of the solution rather than part the problem. Now I want to help you deserve what you want.

Here is a partial list of the all-important truths you can expect to find in the book that have already meant the world to a multitude of guys worldwide:


 How to END the game of "waiting for someone to come along" and / or for the right woman to "fall into your lap". Learn why this POISONOUS mindset is not only a TIME WASTER but DANGEROUS to your long-term HAPPINESS.

 The THREE KEY COMPONENTS of deserving what you want...learn these and start attracting the RIGHT kind of women NOW. Never again WONDER why you KEEP ENDING UP with the WRONG ONES...and STOP THE PATTERN IN ITS TRACKS.

 The destructive mindset that many single people have (even at the ADVICE OF OTHERS sometimes!) that ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY MUST BE ELIMINATED in order to deserve what they want. Chances are YOU are affected. If so...find out how to GET RID OF IT before it KILLS your dating life.

 The EXACT REASONS why people end up "settling" for LESS THAN THEY WANT out of relationships. Learn the secret and NEVER make the mistake of letting your DREAM WOMAN slip away--even when she was well WITHIN YOUR GRASP.

 Verifiable PROOF that most men's #1 FEAR when it comes to attracting women is CATEGORICALLY UNFOUNDED. Learn an ELUSIVE TRUTH here that both MEN and WOMEN should know.

 Nothing short of a MIRACLE CURE for those who are hit with the "JBF" ("Just Be Friends") talk WAY TOO OFTEN. Learn how to make sure it NEVER happens TO YOU again. Think of more FINANCIAL and EMOTIONAL investments SQUANDERED. Your HEART and your WALLET will thank you!

 Six male characteristics that are WIDELY MISUNDERSTOOD. Unlock the secret, understand the truth regarding why not all MALE BEHAVIOR is BAD BEHAVIOR and DRAMATICALLY increase your success with women TODAY. If more men and women read THIS SECTION ALONE the world would be a BETTER PLACE.

 A full DOZEN ingenious WAYS to tell if your date is MARRIED. Shock culprits with this information by catching them before you get involved...and save yourself a world of pain.

 The top SIX TRAITS of a woman who men WANT to commit to...and why some women experience multiple occasions of men buying engagement rings after only a few dates while other women are stuck with "non-committal" boyfriends. Arm yourself with this CRITICAL KNOWLEDGE and never become TRAPPED with a woman you don't see a future with.

 The SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT ATTITUDE a woman must have in order to DESERVE a great've never seen this talked about ANYWHERE ELSE. This simple secret alone is a GUARANTEED LIFE CHANGER for anyone who understands it. Men, look for this in a woman FIRST and EXPONENTIALLY increase your chances at LONG TERM HAPPINESS.

 The top SIX CHARACTERISTICS that should ALWAYS KILL a woman's chances of a man committing to her long-term. Make sure you recognize them NOW before it's too late.

 Six "deal breakers" that KILL a man's chances of keeping a woman long term. If you are not getting SECOND DATES, here is the LIKELY REASON.

 Why SO FEW people understand what the opposite gender is LOOKING FOR...and the all-too-simple but FOOLPROOF secret to UNDERSTANDING WHAT THE OPPOSITE SEX WANTS.

 The common behavior men and women BOTH exhibit that KILLS ANY CHANCE of long-term happiness. Both sexes understand its effects, yet it is so tantalizing that both sexes CONTINUE ACTING UPON IT. Read this section and ELIMINATE its damaging effects from YOUR LIFE forever.

 A trait that PORTENDS CHEATING in the future MORE ACCURATELY than any other. Know this GOLDEN NUGGET of WISDOM now and save yourself a WORLD of HEARTBREAK and HUMILIATION later.

 A way of communicating that women should do MORE of, but a man must NEVER, EVER attempt. The POLARIZATION between sexes regarding this issue is SO EXTREME and the respective preferences SO CONSISTENT that ACTUALLY deleted it from its selection of "Turn Ons" and "Turn Offs".

 Secrets to how a man MUST navigate confusing "requirements" on women's online dating profiles...with STUNNINGLY EFFECTIVE results. Without THIS KNOWLEDGE most men are DESTINED to FAILURE online.

 The one box no man must EVER check when completing an online profile. Although PAINFULLY TEMPTING to check, doing so will TURN WOMEN'S STOMACHS and DOOM you to failure, no matter what.

 Why it is IMPERATIVE to focus on the future AS SOON AS POSSIBLE after a divorce...even if you don't want to get married right away. Knowing this secret NOW is CRITICAL to success.

 What the "Divorce 50 / 50 Factor" is, and why it makes dating after divorce so COMPLICATED. Know this secret, see through the SMOKE SCREEN, and improve your dating life IMMEDIATELY.

 TWO HUGE REASONS why smart and successful women in particular have it tough when it comes to dating...and how YOU can be the man who CHANGES THAT for them. This will be an LIFE-CHANGING eye-opener for MANY readers.

 How a man or woman can build a REAL, ACTUAL HAREM in this culture...and get away with it INDEFINITELY. Learn the INNER WORKINGS of this UNDERGROUND SECRET that "players" and "pick-up artists" don't want other men OR women to know.

 The disarmingly simple power ALL MEN have to change the unwritten (and unwanted) "rules" of dating anytime, anyplace and anywhere--to the DELIGHT of women EVERYWHERE.

 How to anticipate inappropriate behavior on dates, and HOW TO HANDLE IT when it happens.

 How to recognize 10 types of UNACCEPTABLE dating behavior, and--better yet--how to make sure YOU aren't guilty. You may be UNCONSCIOUSLY committing some of the more SUBTLE offenses on the list EVERY TIME you go out with a woman...with DISASTROUS results.

 FINALLY...a practical definition of what "games" are, and a SIMPLE YARDSTICK by which to measure whether a woman is PLAYING THEM or not.



There you have just a small sampling of reasons why Deserve What You Want can and will change your life.

On top of all of that,YES...I have also included the single most requested information:


 A highly effective example of a my very own online dating profile narrative...reprinted verbatim. (Yes, I can vouch that it did its job. How does an 80% response rate sound?)


Normally, the e-book + audiobook would sell for $67. And at less than the cost of the typical first date, that would be a bargain. But, as a special offer, I am offering the electronic version to you for a fraction of that.

For a limited time you can get your hands on Deserve What You Want for just:  $37

Thanks to our state-of-the-art fulfillment center at highly respected, You can be reading Deserve What You Want (or listening on your iPod) and benefiting from the revolutionary information inside within five minutes from now. You'll receive a download links to the written PDF version and the MP3 audio version upon confirmed purchase.

That's called "immediate gratification" for all the right reasons. And let's face is too short for this kind of crucial information to simmer on the back burner.


Get Your Hands On A Copy Of Deserve What You Want For Your Very Own

Get the e-book + audiobook Deserve What You Want



You can be reading Deserve What You Want in MINUTES from now


Think of it. How much better would life be for you RIGHT NOW if you could regain control of your dating life and start filling your social calendar full of dates with women you really are excited about and want to be with?

I would like nothing more than to help you take the next giant step toward deserving what you want today. You, like countless other guys who have discovered this book's groundbreaking secrets, could be reaping the benefits of what took me years to learn within three short months or less.


Still Skeptical? Listen To What Others Have Said...

"Scot I have listened to Mystery Method and some other gurus and you are the best I have listened to."
--Elmer (United States Air Force)


"I heard you for the first time on David D.'s interview and it was great. I went straight to the computer and looked up all of your stuff. I really like your approach with the end in mind."
--Mitch (Utah)


"I just finished listening to your interview with David DeAngelo. I have been listening to his interview series for over 2 years now. Not once had I immediately purchased a product."
--Brett (California)


"Of all the people that David D. has interviewed for his series, yours was the best. I connected better with your interview than the others. Thanks again."
--Russell (Virginia)


"You are just the best dating guru."
--C.M. (California)


My goal is to make it incredibly easy for you to take advantage of this offer.

So with that in mind, I'm going so far as to offer four bonuses to you at no additional charge:




Scot McKay's Interview With Joseph "Thundercat" Matthews
BONUS #1--Scot McKay's Interview With Joseph "Thundercat" Matthews

I recently had the opportunity to interview Seduction Community legend Joseph "Thundercat" Matthews.

What began as a discussion of the state of the Seduction Community today ended up blazing a trail into uncharted territory. In one of the most candid and hard-hitting sequences you've ever heard anywhere, Joseph boldly describes his concept of REAL seduction versus the brand of "snake oil" teachings that in his words are actually damaging to men.

Even further, my guest takes you behind the scenes into the early days of the Seduction Community, and ends by commenting on how learning REAL seduction absolutely, positively benefits both men and women. Donít miss this sometimes shocking and entirely groundbreaking interview.

Joseph's book The Art Of Approaching can be found at


Amy Waterman Discusses Great Men And Great Women
BONUS #2--Amy Waterman On Greatness: Attract The Best By Being The Best

It's no secret that we at X & Y Communications have been collaborating a lot with 000Relationships lately. Rest assured there is good reason for that. Simply put, nowhere else have we found such a talented team of dating experts who truly know the meaning of "professionalism".

So it followed logically that we would ask none other than Amy Waterman, 000Relationships' resident dating expert, to sit down for an in-depth discussion with us. The result was over a solid hour of nonstop wisdom on what it takes to deserve a great man or woman...and what to look for in a great partner.

It is no exaggeration to say that there were numerous completely original principles brought up for the very first time in that interview which have since become foundational to us. Don't miss this groundbreaking audio program.


  Scot And Emily McKay's RAPID FIRE Audio Program
BONUS #3--Scot And Emily McKay's "Rapid Fire" Audio Program

Emily and I recently recorded seventy-two audio dating tips, all in rapid-fire succession. So what better name for this fast-paced program than "Rapid Fire" ?

We'd tell you to keep a pencil and paper handy, but the information keeps coming at you way too fast for that. A full six dozen segments covering just about every dating issue or scenario you can think of are included.

What's most unique about this program however, besides the lightning-round pace of it, is the simple elegance of getting both the male and female perspective on every topic. Nowhere else have you ever heard so many dating subjects covered this comprehensively.


Power Sessions For Men
BONUS #4--Monthly Membership:   Power Sessions For Men

"Power Sessions For Men" transcends mere tips, tricks and tactics and positions you to be a man who deserves the very highest echelon of women.

If you are among the majority of men who would rather have one amazing woman to build a life with than an endless string of one-night stands, this program is for you. Every month, Iíll break down specific components of what it takes to be a man who deserves the very best. Wherever you are today, reinvent yourself into a man who enjoys what few men ever will--the rush of knowing you are with the highest quality woman in the room wherever you go. Be a part of the "Deserving Community".

With your order, you'll have athe opportunity to join the elite "Power Sessions For Men" inner circle, and we won't bill you until the end of the first month. Subsequent monthly programs are $27 each. Special bonuses and unlimited e-mail coaching from Scot are INCLUDED as part of the plan. As you would expect, "Power Sessions For Men" comes with an unconditional 365-day warranty and you can easily cancel at any time.


  • Proven Field-Tested Approach To Real, Long-Term Success
  • Listen Or Read...You Get Both E-Book And Audiobook
  • Value-Packed Content Exceeding Expectations
  • Stacked Bonuses At No Extra Charge
  • 365 Day Guarantee...No Games


This and every X & Y Communications purchase is guaranteed for a full year. If you do not see results, we don't get paid. It's as simple as that. You even have full control over the entire process thanks to games.


Get Your Hands On A Copy Of Deserve What You Want For Your Very Own

Get the e-book + audiobook Deserve What You Want



You can be reading Deserve What You Want in MINUTES from now


I can only offer this tremendous package because I know that if I can benefit this much from what I've learned, you absolutely can and will too.

After dating well over 100 fantastic women in a few short years--and making my own choices about which ones to spend extra time with--I decided last year (2006) to marry the most amazing, beautiful, interesting and loving woman I have ever met.

She and I are planning a long and blissful life together because we deserve what we want.


"With One Look At Your Program I Was 'Blinded By The Light'."

"Of all the dating tips, tricks, and programs I've checked out, your comprehensive program is truly one of the most honest and straightforward. Even though I know you both love what you do, you are truly providing a service that our parents could never have given us. With one look at your program I was 'blinded by the light' so to speak. The simple mantra, 'deserve what you want,' encompasses the very concept that I was simply overlooking, even though it was right in front of my face. I could go on, but I think simply telling you that I'm forever in debted to your work gets my point across just fine. Thank you. Thank you so very much."
--Drew (Virginia)


We have each put the pain and heartbreak of divorce behind us and restored joy and fulfillment to our lives.

Whether you are brand new to the dating world or have been through a tough divorce of your own, what will it take for you to realize that the same kind of freedom can be yours? Take the first step today.

Accept my personal challenge to you and make a stand for what you want in life. Don't let another day go by...deserve what you want.

My signature is my word


P.S.  Deserve What You Want is the only book that details exactly how to attract great women without 'tricks', 'routines', or 'tactics'. This means reading it (or listening to the new MP3 version) NOW gives you an IMMEDIATE ADVANTAGE in the dating world...guaranteed!

P.P.S  Having read all the way to this point, are you STILL content to sit home alone instead of meeting new and exciting women? How much different could life be for you if the kind of success I am talking about could be YOURS?

P.P.P.S.  ORDER NOW and receive a SPECIAL OFFER not mentioned on this page!

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