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Scot McKay

X & Y Communications Founder And CEO

After many years as a billion-dollar sales professional in the IT world, Scot McKay burst onto the dating and seduction advice scene back in 2005 and quickly set himself apart with a unique approach he calls ‘character-based’. He has since become well-known on a global scale as one of the most effective dating coaches on the planet.

He has been invited to speak at high profile conferences such as iDate and 140 Conference, and has been featured on NBC, Fox, Men’s Health and over 400 other media outlets.

Importantly, while now a recognized presence in what’s commonly known as The Seduction Community, Scot does not train men to be ‘pickup artists’.

Rather, through a combination of deserving what you want and decoding the opposite sex’s thought process, Scot talks about how a masculine, confident man of true character and leadership skill is an authentic representation of the man the most desirable women want, obviating the need for ‘tricks’ and ‘techniques’.

His next-generation concepts transcend mere pickup and seduction and describe a state of having 100% control over one’s dating life, culminating in the ability to attract the highest quality women on Earth, effectively manage relationships and make wise decisions from a position of strength.

Scot is the author of ten books to date.  Flirting Like Wildfire, Women Made Easy, Most Valuable Player and What Works With Women have all been #1 bestsellers.

He is also known for his monumental programs The Master Plan and The Leading Man, for his top 25 ranked podcast The Chick Whisperer on iTunes and his unique formula for online dating success, whereby he objectively demonstrates how to literally dominate one’s entire metro area on the dating site of your choice.

His groundbreaking programs such as The Man’s Approach, Female Persuasion and Behind Closed Doors have revolutionized how men all over the world view true success with women.

Scot also represents a real-world example of how a man can effectively manage a successful dating life all the way to the end goal of building a long-term future with the greatest woman he has ever met. Scot’s ultimate ‘proof of concept’ is his wife Emily, who is his X & Y On The Fly–Dating Podcast co-host and a well-known dating expert in her own right.


Emily McKay

Managing Partner and Keys To Bliss Division Manager

Emily McKay joined X & Y Communications in May 2006 as co-host of X & Y On The Fly–Dating Podcast. She and Scot were married on 12/9/2006, and reside in San Antonio, Texas.

She brings a wealth of wisdom, experience, and positive personal energy to the team. Having been a single mother who bounced back from divorce and now deserves what she wants, she is at your service as a resident dating consultant, author of the Attraction Makeover system for women and the Click With Him online dating training program. She is also the hostess of the Keys To Bliss membership site for women.

It’s certainly no coincidence that Scot asked Emily to marry him after seven months of dating, and they’ve been together for nearly ten years since.

Emily exemplifies how X & Y Communications exists entirely to help you become the best you can be when it comes to dating and relationships–without having to learn and/or do things the ‘hard way’. It doesn’t matter if you are young or old, as yet unmarried, married, divorced or widowed. X & Y Communications can help you maximize your success in preparing for and eventually realizing the ultimate in relationships with a significant other.


Team Instructors

The Official X & Y Communications Coaching Staff



At one time, Jim was one of those guys who was good looking and funny yet had mediocre success with women. Never having been much of an ‘approach guy’, he played his cards close to his chest.

As a self-described “hopeless romantic”, Jim has always sought the very best in women he has been with. Though his idealism has resulted in disappointment in the past, ultimately Jim began the all-important journey to dating skillfully and having options…the right way. Basically, he realized that he was successful at other things in life and it was time to get what he deserved with women also.

Having started from scratch, he was amazed by how fast he progressed, and even now is still discovering how to make stronger connections, internally and externally.

A former freestyle skier living in the Boston area, Jim is in his late twenties and is blessed to have experienced a lot of life in a short time. He has always dealt with people and loves to observe.



A tireless student of the “inner game,” Joseph Jensen is a Ten-Plus alum who has leveraged X & Y Communications principles to propel his entire scope of human interactions to the next level. Joe knows that mastering oneself is an intense but extremely rewarding process that never starts too early–or too late–and pays dividends from social interactions to business school interviews, from presenting and discovering YOUR best self on dates, client presentations, family interactions, and anything in between.

A native of Northeast Ohio, Joe holds a Harvard degree in biochemical sciences, has enjoyed academic and professional success in science, investments, and consulting, and is currently pursuing his MBA at a top business school in the Boston, MA area. He is enjoying his dating success and always looking for new venues of self-improvement.



Austin Parker has adult ADD. He’s a scientist, writer, world traveler, runner, and lover of green tea parfaits. Having started his journey improving his social skills after a two year military stint in Europe, on his return he felt isolated from his peers and decided to do something about it. Subsequently, it has become his mission to find something special about everyone he meets.

This mantra has opened people up in ways he never imagined possible. Now he’s here to share what he has learned and help you make a difference in your life.



Long a student of character-based game, Dave W. resides in Sydney, Australia and has brings a considerable reserve of unique skills to the X & Y Communications team. Among his specialties include daytime pickup, “virtual hub creation” and train game–a topic on which he has been published in nationwide publications.

Already an accomplished blogger, Dave’s no-nonsense storytelling and zero tolerance for “fluff” should prove especially entertaining and informational to readers.

Along with his passion for helping guys get better with women, Dave enjoys his “day job” as a video game developer.


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