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Flirting Like Wildfire -- 50 Hot 'Done For You' Conversations That Lead To Sex
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Scot McKay Was A Featured Speaker At Morten Hake's Summit 2010 In Oslo, Norway

Scot McKay Was Voted The Number One Speaker By Audience Members At The Real Man Conference In Aachen, Germany

Scot McKay Was A Speaker At Attraction Master Class Workshop With Dating Gurus In Sydney, Australia

Scot McKay Was Selected To Speak At The 140 Conference In New York City

Scot McKay Was A Speaker At iDate 2010 In Miami, Florida

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So What Makes X & Communications So Different?

No Tricky Seduction Tactics. No Weird Pickup Stuff. Just Common Sense Advice On Women For Real Men.

There's no doubt about it. If you're more about filling your life with high quality women (or building a future with the greatest woman you've ever met) than becoming a "pickup artist", then you've come to the right place. You won't find any pickup lines, "Jedi mind tricks" or canned routines here. There's no NLP, hypnosis or "New Age" techniques to be found either. Only practical, real-world dating advice solutions for the evolved, refined man. It's all about mastering the "Big Four": masculinity, confidence, the ability to inspire confidence in a woman, and character. After all, that's what high quality women look for in a real man. And you've got to deserve what you want.

Flirting Like Wildfire -- Your Roadmap To The Bedroom

"What Do I Say To Move From Making Out To Something More?"

Scot McKay's newest book Flirting Like Wildfire is sweeping the nation, and its status as an #1 bestseller is proof. In this concise, easy-reading volume you'll find fifty objective, step-by-step conversations you can have with a woman that almost always lead to sex. Whether you're taking the lead, coming up with the perfect comeback for her flirtatious "zingers" (or even her playful objections) or even bringing out her naughty side, this book has you covered...every single time.

Here's The Entire Roadmap To X & Y Communications

"I'm Ready To Get Better With Women. Where Do I Start?"

You're about to discover that there's a mind-blowing wealth of dating and relationship tips and secrets to be found here. The immediate challenge is simply knowing where to start. No worries. Consider yourself covered. Take a look at the complete road map of dating and seduction training and programs available from X & Y Communications for the lowdown.

What Do Others Have To Say.

Only Real, Unsolicited Testimonials...All The Time

The real test of whether dating, seduction and relationship strategies are worthwhile or not is very simple: Do they get results? Well, welcome to the "No Spin Zone". Every testimonial printed anywhere on any of our websites is 100% real and unsolicited. People are talking about X & Y Communications. And as you're about to see, there are a lot of guys all over the world living dramatically changed lives...and no doubt some very happy women by their side.

Put Dating Experts Scot And Emily McKay To Work For You. Dating Coaching Sessions And Complete Action Plans Available.

Put World-Renowned Dating Coaches Scot And Emily McKay To Work For You

Ready to go from good to great with MOTOS (Members Of The Opposite Sex)? Looking for more individual attention than a typical mainstream dating seminar or Seduction Community bootcamp can offer? Most of all, are you all about inviting the greatest woman you've ever met into your reality instead of simply "notching your bedpost"? If you've answered "yes" to any or all of these questions, it's time to get Scot McKay on your side as your personal dating coach. Find out what a verifiable track record of excellence and over two decades of experience as a teacher and life coach can do for you. And ladies, there's no better way to get the right man into your life than to have Emily McKay right by your side to help you succeed. Find the greatest man you've ever met and live happily ever after...all much faster than you might think.

View The Entire Archive Of Dating Advice Articles

The Vault:  Your Complete Archive Of Past Dating Articles

Looking for answers to a specific question? Chances are you'll find the insight you're looking for right here. Peruse over 100 articles on any dating and relationship topic you can imagine, from understanding women to escaping the dreaded "Just Be Friends Zone". If you're wondering about it, chances are Scot has written about it. Enjoy!

Dating Coaching Consultations Available Via Phone Or Skype.

Phone Consultations Available Worldwide

Want to move your relationships with women to the next level, but don't exactly live near San Antonio, TX? No worries. Consult with Scot McKay via phone or Skype and get your most frustrating and persistent sticking points handled once and for all. You can schedule a half hour, an hour or a block of sessions based on whatever your needs are. Urgent dating coaching sessions are even available on short notice. Have you just experienced a break up or are fearing the worst in your current relationship? Have you just moved to a new culture and aren't seeing the results with women you're used to? Is there a recurring pattern you can't exactly put a finger on? You'll find Scot both approachable and knowledgeable. After all, he knows what it takes to rise above frustration and emerge victorious.

Are You Ready To Meet Terrific Women On Twitter?

Twiduction:  How To Meet Women On Twitter

So can you really meet women on Twitter, or what? Well, you may think we must be crazy, or you may already be convinced that it's about time you connected with some of the sharp, socially-connected women on what has quickly become the hottest social networking site going. But either way, the fastest and easiest way to know for sure how to succeed with women on Twitter is to download Scot McKay's e-book and read it for yourself. And you can do exactly that for free. All it takes is to click here and subscribe to Scot's newsletter, which is also--you guessed it--free. From there, download is immediate. Already getting the newsletter? No worries. Just enter the same e-mail address you're already subscribed with and you're in.

So What's Up With Emily McKay?

So What's Up With Emily?

So what's "calendar girl" Emily McKay up to lately? As dating coach extraordinaire to women all over the world, Emily's insight is trusted by thousands. Check out the Click With Him program for women who want to meet the man of their dreams online, and be sure to subscribe to Emily's acclaimed Keys To Bliss dating advice newsletter. By the way, you can also catch Emily on Twitter @emilymckay.

Experience The Online Dating Success You Know You Deserve.

Personalized Online Dating Tips And Secrets For Maximum Success

Let's face it, over 90% of all guys who try online dating quit in frustration within 90 days. Considering how much of a gold mine Internet dating can be when you know the ropes, doesn't it make sense to "cut to the front of the line" and leave online dating cluelessness to those other guys? Well, you can do exactly that. That's what our DateToOrder online dating training division is all about--and that's what sets it apart from any other kind of one-on-one online dating training anywhere.

Get Cool Free Dating Tips And Advice On Facebook.

Finally...A Facebook Page That's All About Giving You Free Stuff

Are you on Facebook? Of course you are. So head to our killer Facebook Page and enjoy a steady stream of cool, free stuff. Sound like a plan? We thought so. Enjoy audio programs, videos, special reports and more; each featuring tips, advice and strategies designed to take you from good to great with women. Last we checked, there were some high-quality women in this group also, which can never hurt. Want to friend us on Facebook? No worries...simply head to the X & Y Communications Facebook page and hit the 'Like' button.

All The Dating And Relationship Podcasts Are Found Here.

Looking For The Podcasts? Your Search Stops Here.

Want to get your hands on the latest episodes of X & Y On The Fly, The Chick Whisperer, or any of the other top-ranked podcasts hosted by Scot and Emily McKay? The home page for the X-NET is the place to be. Subscribe to any or all of the shows on iTunes or via RSS feed.

More In-Depth Dating And Relationship Insight At The Edumckaytion Blog.

The Edumckaytion Blog: More Depth, More Controversy

You can never really be sure what you're going to find when you visit the Edumckaytion blog. What you're in for could be insightful, humorous or flat-out controversial...but it's guaranteed to be original. Join Scot McKay and the entire team of X & Y Communications dating and relationship coaches for the last word on dating advice, relationship tips and even social dynamics.

The Complete Toolkit For Relationship Management

Wear The Pants...Without Losing Your Shirt

There are a thousand programs out there on how to pickup women. But once you meet a great woman, then what? Relationship management is the most crucial skillset you can have with women, yet one of the most overlooked. Not anymore. Experience The Leading Man relationship management system for yourself.

Over Four Dozen 'White Hat' Dating, Pickup and Seduction Gurus In One Place

Now You Can Learn From Over Four Dozen Dating Gurus...All At Once

Looking for the absolute fast track to being a man who is in complete control of his dating life? If so, then Virtuosity is for you. In addition to learning from over four dozen of the most respected dating and seduction trainers on Earth, you'll get the cornerstones of character-based excellence with women. Add an exclusive 1-on-1 phone consultation with Scot McKay himself to the mix, and you've got some serious bang for the buck at $97.


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